Progression Onto Employment

After going through the application process and having two interviews for a colour separation artist role in an apprenticeship at a highly successful fabric printing company I pleased to say that I was successful and was offered the position. I am delighted to now confirm my progression route upon completing my Foundation Art & Design Degree as this will be a brilliant opportunity for me to be introduced into the creative industry through support and training will allow me to gain experience and hopefully secure a job within the company after the apprenticeship period ends.

During my interviews I was informed in detail the specific roles of the job as a colour separation artist and all the factors that have to be taken into consideration whilst doing the job. I will be working alongside customers and will be preparing their designs for the printing process. One of the many factors that I will have to take into consideration will be the placement of the detailing within the design so that I can ensure that each side/ edge will merge on a rotary printer so the designs have a flow to them. This job role is very technical and will also involve some mathematics. I feel that I will be ready for this as I have spent three years being creative and experimenting, therefore, going straight into industry as opposed to university will allow me to get a head start on my career whilst having the support and training I need. Furthermore, I will be able to continue being creative as I can continue to take on commissions within my spare time and keep improving my hand rendered skills.