Final Piece- Evaluation

Upon completion of my final piece wall hanging I am satisfied to say that I am overjoyed  with the outcome. Although there has been some dramatic changes that I chose to make during the making process I feel that these were all worthwhile and each has added a unique texture relatable to the many aspects of marine world.

I feel that working within surface pattern and textiles for this particular piece has aided my need to experiment and I feel that the fact I didn’t have a clear plan absolutely every detail prevented me from limiting myself. The small problems that I encountered have also been a learning curve for me as I had to think of ways to overcome these. Such as making changes to the embroidery threads on the vanishing fabric when I accidentally used the wrong materials.

Overall, I really like the way in which each fragmented piece both compliments and contrasts with one another with the felted pieces and the fabric manipulation techniques. I feel that a lot of the artists I have researched have given me new insights which influenced my experimentation on this. For example; Margaret Werthiem and Christine Werthiem use crochet to bring marine life into a three dimensional installation. This allowed me to conduct further research into fabric manipulation techniques and I created the smaller shell like growths on my wall hanging (shown below). Furthermore, I feel that the changes I made to the background colours using the picric dyes worked out really well as they have a more natural look to them now with the way in which they bleed into one another.




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