Final Piece- Vanishing Fabric

Looking back on all the previous techniques and development within my sketchbook it gave me inspiration to include the the use of vanishing fabric on my wall hanging. I chose to do the exact same design I had done previously that was based upon my primary research of octopus suckers as this was a simple yet effective design that I knew would compliment the other features of the wallhanging well without ‘taking over’ it.

I carefully considered the colours of the threads I chose as I needed something that would be bold and stand out against the dyed up background, therefore, I chose an orange and a red. One problem I did encounter with this was that it was time consuming and after consulting with a technician they suggested putting my machine on a different setting in order to speed up the process. This proved to be very successful and as a result of this I was able to then complete these pieces within the time constraint. However, with one of the pieces I accidentally used the wrong type of fabric and when I went to wash it away I came to the realisation it wasn’t vanishing fabric. To overcome this problem I carefully tore the pieces of fabric away from the embroidery and used some red and orange procium dyes which matched up the colours to the other pieces I created.

When pinning these onto the wallhanging I chose to place them within the felted balls so they looked as if they were spilling out and taking over certain the piece much alike to how things in the natural world grow. I have also decided to have them coming off the wall hanging and they can be pinned to the wall so that the viewer can see the finer details of the piece.


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