Final Piece- Felting

Upon research on pinterest I had the idea to add some felt pieces to my work. Although I hadn’t experimented with felting earlier during this project I was familiar with it and I feel that this would give me an excellent opportunity to add a three dimensional aspect to my work.

To do this I used a technique which involved cutting three circular shapes from some stiff plastic and grouping them together one on top of the other to create a base to felt on. I added merino wool that was brightly coloured and reflective of the colours present in marine life. I overlapped it on one side of the circular bases and wet it down with warm soap water, I repeated this on the opposite side and then gently began felting until the the felt started to shrink causing the inner base to start wrinkling, after this process I made a small incision which allowed me to remove the base and then stuffed the felted sphere with bubble wrap so that I could continue felting it. Although the incision wasn’t initially going to be part of the design I really liked the hole it created as it looks very alike to shell forms on coral reefs. Due to the fact that these felted balls were quite time consuming to make I only created a few which in the end worked in my favour as they would have over taken the wall hanging if I was to have made more. I also made some smaller felted balls that required a lot less time so that I could get a range of different scales.

When it came to the placement of these particular pieces I rearranged them a number of times and in the end I came to the decision that they looked far better clustered together as you then get a real feel for a reflection of the natural aspects of a coral reef. Furthermore, the variety of coloured yarns and wools used on each felted piece brought out the contrasts between each one. I attached these to the wallhanging and one another with hand embroidery as it would have been too difficult to do with a machine.


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