Final Piece- Changing the Colours

After much consideration I decided to go against the idea of bringing  angelina fibres onto my final piece due to the fact I felt that the metallic aspect of this particular material would create to much of a distraction from the embroidery and therefore would override it. Therefore, I came across a few difficulties as I knew that the piece needed a lot more to it in order for it to have a built up texture and show the natural growth that takes hold of a coral reef, furthermore I also wanted to show the techniques I have learnt over the past year within surface pattern and textiles and on my piece.

To do so I pinned my piece up on a wall to view it in its final light and see what needed adding to it. There was a number of things that I have changed since doing this and one of which was the protium dyes.

As I explained on a previous blog post I felt that I had been too careful with the colours I had added within the embroidery as they were too subtle and didn’t stand out. Therefore, I decided to choose bold colours that were reflective of the embroidery threads I had used e.g. purples,pinks, reds. This certainly made the piece stand out more however I felt that these colours looked unnatural and after watching Blue Planet for research it became obvious to me that I needed to use more natural colours as when you view things through the aquariums and cameras the water and the lenses magnifies everything and creates slight alterations to the colours. I feel that this may have mislead me a little. So experimented with shades of blues and greens and used bleach to ease off some of the more bold and natural colours that I had previously added, I chose to cover the entire piece due to the fact that there is no ‘blank spaces’ under the ocean and these colours would bounce off the white walls profoundly when my piece is being exhibited. By soaking the wall- haning with water before adding these colours when I dropped the inks onto the fabric they bled into one another and created some really interesting natural textures. After this stage of adding the inks I felt that I had a more clear idea of where my piece was going and what the next stages of improvement would be.


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