Final Piece- Adding Procium Dyes

Now that I have completed the base layer of the embroidery on my final piece wall hanging I decided to add some subtle colours of dyes to add more texture to the base layer and bring out more of the details.

I found it very hard to get the correct colours as I had to keep watering the dyes down and testing them on a sample piece to ensure that it was perfect. However, at one stage I made the purple too weak and despite it looking okay on the sample it didn’t show through onto the fabric used for my wallhanging. Furthermore, I also knew that it would be difficult to create shapes with a strong line and form using these dyes due to the fact that they expand through the fibres of the fabric. Therefore, I chose to make the dyes look a little ‘messy’, for example; when looking the images below you can see that the green dye seeps through the strong, bold embroidery lines, I feel that it contrasts well against each other.

Upon reflection I came to the conclusion that these colours were far too subtle and they needed to be bright and vibrant in order to reflect the real aspects of a coral reef. Therefore I chose to add brighter colours that were similar to the embroidery threads I have been using.



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