Final Piece- Starting Process

I have made a start on my final piece which is going to be a wall hanging. I have used a metre of fabric folded in half with wadding inside to add some depth into the piece. Out of the two white fabrics that I had to choose from I decided to use the unbleached version as it was a slightly off coloured white and it had a more natural feel to it which I felt was more suited to a coral scene. I have selected a very specific set of colours for my embroidery threads (shown below) as I didn’t want there to be too many different colours, and particularly like the dark purple for the thick lines as I feel they look bold and stand out significantly. So far I have only made progress on the embroidery due to the fact this has been a long process with different factors that slow the making of it down such as re- filling the spool, the only problems that I have had so far has been the occasional needle snapping, however this hasn’t been a huge issue. Furthermore, I have been taking regular short breaks whilst sewing as sitting at a machine for a long period of time can be quite tedious and I feel that it is important to occasionally come away from the piece and keep thinking about the ways I can add to it and improve.

I feel that I need to add more layers and bring some more techniques into the piece to add more depth onto it and show the skill set that I have improved upon over this past year, I’m possibly considering using some vanishing fabric to create more octopus suckers, as I have experimented with this before (shown previously in past blogs) and I really like the results of this.


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