Developing Ideas for Final Piece

Over the past week I have been starting to develop and plan possible outcomes for a final piece that I can begin making as soon as I return to college, I have considered the time constraints that I will be working within as I want to create something that is quality and shows the skills I have built upon during the final major project.

I have come to the decision that I want to create a large scale decorative wall hanging which incorporates a variety of different materials and techniques for each different aspect. At first I considered creating an underwater scene that is reflective of the primary resources, however, after much consideration I came to the conclusion that a piece such as this would only copy the images I have gather and would be just as easily with a digital fabric printer.

Therefore, instead I looked back on the observational studies and experimenting that I have done and got each piece photocopied and blown up to various different sizes so that I can trace over each piece and rather focus on a coral underwater scene as whole, I would be focusing capturing the patterns textures that are present under the sea such as the line structures on jellyfish tentacles, octopus suckers etc. I have created three overall ideas for different layouts for my final piece (shown below) and I have had the idea to cut around the shapes to leave a more natural feel as opposed to a hardened edge alike to manmade shapes.

Out of the three layouts that I did my overall favourite is the top one, I transferred this into my sketchbook so I could focus on creating a more refined plan. The reasons I feel that this piece works well is due to the fact that I feel it has a balance of different line qualities and I have placed things out a little more evenly.

The next stage for me now is to decide the materials I’m going use, if there will be any recyclable materials within the piece, which parts of the designs will be wadded and if I am going to stick to a colour theme. Furthermore, I need to visit some fabric shops to gather my backing fabric, places such as Abakhan in Preston. Depending on the time I have remaining after completing the piece I have also been considering the possibility of creating a second piece that is completely white to contrast between flourishing reefs and those that have been affected by bleaching.


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