Mixed Media: Embroidery & Paint

After researching artist Michael Raedecker I decided to attempt to build up on some of the illustration studies I have done in my sketchbook of various aspects of marine life using the sewing machines.

I chose to use purple embroidery threads due to the fact that these contrast profoundly against the subtle watercolours. Although I wasn’t as careful and neat as Micheal Raedecker is within his work I do really like the way in which this method creates another textured feel to the piece. Chose to go around the edges and outline some of the details on the starfish.

Overall, I feel that the starfish was more of a success in comparison to the coral piece due to the fact the purple embroidery thread compliments the colours that ha been painted on well. Whereas, on the coral I feel it doesn’t really create a textured feel and I could have got the same look by tracing round the edges of the corals with pen. I feel that if I was to experiment with this again I would try different settings of stitch on the piece to see what works well such as straight stitch and satin stitch.

Below are the original illustrations prior to using the sewing machines to build up texture;



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