I have been creating small samples of embroidery using the sewing machines to experiment with various ideas for my final outcome. I based these pieces on my primary research photography, focussing on the aspects of marine life which have interesting textures and forms such as jellyfish and coral scenes.

The first embroidery piece that I did is the jellyfish on the white fabric background (shown below) I feel that this may have worked better if I made the pale blue embroidery thicker in order for it to stand out more, or possibly try the same piece on a darker fabric. Despite this I really like the colours on the reverse side as this are really vibrant. Therefore, I decided to do a second piece on a dark blue fabric which has a sort of denim look to it, this has added to the texture and allows the threads to contrast against the fabric. I chose to stick to two colours and reverse them round for each piece that I did and I feel that this works really well due to the fact that it stops the piece from looking busy. After speculation on these embroidery pieces and taking into consideration what I may do for my final piece I feel that they may looking better with wadding added underneath as it would add some depth.

Therefore, I did a quick sample with wadding sandwiched between the two piece of fabrics and although the embroidery isn’t perfect I really like how the wadding adds effect and this is definitely something I would consider using in my final piece.


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