David Doubilet – Water Light Time

David Doubilet is referred to as one of the worlds leading underwater photographers. In this book ‘Water Light Time’  he went on diving expeditions in all different seas from the Red sea, the pacific shores to the fresh waters on North America to photograph the different forms and landscapes hidden beneath the waters.

Upon looking through his book it is really interesting to read a passage in which he explains how his work has developed and changed overtime; ‘My first really successful work underwater was black and white, not colour. I was making almost fine- art underwater pictures before I did reportage’. I feel that the progression of his work into colour was a crucial turning point for the success in his photographing career due to the fact that there is a black and white image he took at the beginning of his career and when I compared this to the recent photographs throughout the book it is evident to see that the coloured photographs are far more successful, which is also the original reason I took the book out in the first place as the bright and vibrant colours combined with the textures really appealed to me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.57.47

Jack Andros Island, Bahamas, West Indies, 1963.

My particular favourites are the shots of the corals and sea anemones due to the fact that the textures and shapes that are associated with these things are what I am focussing on developing using various materials and fabrics. I am hoping to experiment with using fabric manipulation techniques to mimic these textures. Furthermore, I really like the shore photographs of swimming turtles



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