Manipulating materials

I have been looking into manipulating fabrics and various other materials and considering the use of recyclable materials and rubbish. Therefore, I have been melting plastics with a heat gun to explore what textures and patterns I could create. With taking into consideration the colours that are prominent in corals I chose to use bright reds and yellows and I have been experimenting with layering these up to create different effects.

I particularly like the results I got with the thick red plastic as it has created a bubbled surface that is raised and it would be interesting to use these as a comparison to the  textures on corals and shells. Furthermore, from experimentation I have come to realise that this process is hard to control and the thicknesses of the materials can create different outcomes, however, the longer you use the heat gun on the plastic the more it melts it and I find that it looks creates better results when you don’t over do it.

For example; on the images below are the results of how the red plastic melted and I did this with very little heat applied, whereas the purple plastic I applied a lot of heat and I find that the results for this weren’t as successful.



If was to develop this further I think I would experiment with creating the tentacles of jelly fish with various plastics as it would give some interesting textures and melting the plastics for different periods of time would allow me to play around with the thickness. This would definitely be something I could consider using if I was to develop some three dimensional outcomes.


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