Courtney Mattison

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.34.46.png

Courtney Mattison is an artist whom uses her skills in three dimensional clay work to create unique installations that primarily focusses on raising awareness to the issues that man kind has posed on the oceans. Shown below are some of the incredible pieces of work from an exhibition Our Changing Seas II: An Atlantic & Caribbean coral reef story. I love the way in which she contrasts between both coloured and bleached reefs to show the damage that has been done. Upon looking at her work close up its clear to see that she focuses on the fine details using various tools which she discusses in her artists statement.

I feel that her work will influence my practice because although I won’t be working in clay myself the textures on each piece of coral that she has created have allowed me to consider the various materials in textiles that I could possibly experiment with in order to recreate these.

Below is a passage from her website in which she describes some of the processes of her work and why she has chosen to focus on promoting the issues of pollution.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.32.51.png

My favourite art works that she has produced come from a range she has named as ‘Fossil Fuels’ in which she has used the containers of oils in bold red strongly contrasted with the bleached corals that are growing off of the canisters. I feel that this is a really unique way of promoting the issues of pollution as she has used the idea of manmade objects against the growth of the natural world and this conveys in essence the restrictions and damage humans are posing on the marine life.



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