Sea Turtle Study

I chose to focus on sea turtles as part of my hand rendered studies due to the fact that the vast majority of different species of sea turtles are categorised as endangered due to the threats that man has posed on marine life. Furthermore, I feel that they are also very popular and if I was to consider creating something that was to be developed for a textiles home piece then realistically it would be classified as sellable.

I experimented with mixed media in an illustration using water colours, white pen and fine liners and this gave me the idea to develop this further using the sewing machines and incorporating embroidery into the studies. I feel that this worked really well due to the fact that the wadding added extra texture, also the blues and yellows contrast well against the green. When I consider final outcomes I feel that it definitely need to include a dark material possibly for the background considering how well the colours I used for the embroidery threads contrasted again the fabric.



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