Octopus Study Embroidery

Using the sewing machines I have been developing the octopus studies even further.

I have decided to bring in the use of  recyclable materials and items that may be considered as ‘junk’ so that I can experiment with bringing in the theme of trying to prevent pollution in the oceans. The use of the reverse side of the chocolate wrapper has added interesting textures onto the sample and I like the way the material crates a reflective effect onto the piece. I intentionally left the barcode on the sample due to the fact it shows the contrast of how manmade synthetics and materials are ‘alien’ in the ocean which could be said to present the theme further.

Using bright orange and yellow threads against the deep green backing fabric allows the suckers to stand out and to develop this further I used wadding behind the fabrics to raise the surface creating a slightly three dimensional aspect to the sample. Overall, I feel that this sample worked really well and I would definitely like to develop this further, perhaps on a larger scale. I particularly like the raised surfaces using wadding behind them and the combination of the synthetic materials. To improve upon this I think it would be good to include the use of more materials, therefore I am going to continue experimenting with the use of synthetics.




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