Octopus Studies

I have been looking closely at the tentacles of octopuses and studying the shapes and patterns on the suckers.

Using a range of different mediums I have been experimenting with with replicating these in different designs. I particularly like the texture and the raised surface created by the tissue paper suckers that I created. I did these by scrunching and twisting the tissue paper into circular shapes.


I chose to use bright pinks and reds for the suckers to make them stand out. I like the outcome of the acrylic paint study I did, however I really struggled to encapsulate the intricate details of the fine lines. The acrylic paint contrasted strongly on the black card and is more reflective of the deep sea. Furthermore, I feel that the really simplistic fine liner and red acrylic paint work really well and I would like to work into this further and possibly get it printed onto acetate whilst exploring the use of different colours.



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