Artist Research: Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor has a very unique approach with sculpture. He creates sculptures of peoples and submerges them in various areas of the different oceans across the globe. This passage noted on his websites explains how the sculptures work in terms of allowing coral to flourish; ‘Each sculpture is created using non-toxic, pH neutral marine grade cement, free from harmful pollutants, becoming an integral part of the local ecosystem. The cement is highly durable, with a rough texture that encourages coral larvae to attach and thrive, while nooks and dark cubbyholes formed of folds of clothing provide homes for fish and crustaceans. The timing of installation is significant to ensure they are in place downstream before the larval coral spawning occurs, yet not so early that other sea life colonises it before the coral can take hold.’

The amazing thing about his work is the fact that the natural world is constantly changing it. During the first stages the sculpture he creates is simple and plain and then gradually the fish and corals thrive from his work and there is constant build up upon his sculptures which is not only beneficial to the oceans, it also allows the vibrant marine life to add new textures and aspects to his work. I chose to include him in my work as inspiration due to the fact that the sole purpose of his work is to support the marine ecosystems by raising awareness of the problems that rising sea levels and temperatures are causing devastating effects and this is a theme that I will be conveying within my work.


These two images show the works when they are first submerged under the water.


This is the comparison between the newly submerged sculptures and the ones that have been under the water for a longer period time. These works clearly provide life for such a wide range of different marine life it is interesting to see who the starfish’ and barnacles leave textures and patterns on the statues and these would be interesting details to focus on if I was to create a pattern.

Jason deCaires Taylor’s website provides a wide range of information about who and why he creates his work, he discusses all the different issues the man has posed across the oceans which has also given me insight into the different problems I could discuss. Furthermore, he evidences all the film, television and editorial magazines and books he has been featured in showcasing his success.


I have subscribed to the mailing list on his website so that I can receive the latest newsletters that will provide me with updates of his work and inform of any interesting news in regards to marine ecology.


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