Coral Studies

I have been looking through primary resource photography and I have been using them as a source of inspiration for me to do some basic illustrations and studies in my sketchbook from which I can develop within my pathway. I hoping to go to Formby point and visiting sea life centres within the next couple of weeks in order to gather my own primary images.

The drawing I have done a quick sketches using different medias such as watercolours, copic markers and pencil crayons. I have primarily been focussing on use of colour as it interesting to consider the colour themes I could use whilst developing my work further. It would be good to consider using complimentary colours within my work too. I particularly like the paper cuts that I have created as I have focussed on the thicknesses of lines and the negative spaces in between the corals. When I gather my primary resources I am hoping to pick up things such as coral and I hope to use a macro lens to capture the fine details. Furthermore I used the pinkish tone commonly associated with corals for the back ground as opposed to having the coral itself coloured. I chose to do this due to the fact I wanted to play around with the idea of coral bleaching which was inspired by the artist Julie Dodd exploring the theme of pollution and bleaching. I would definitely like to consider the idea of use the laser cutters at the Making Rooms to create some larger scale paper cuts if I decide to include these within my final outcomes.



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