Printing With Recyclable Materials

As I was working from home with limited with resources I decided to look into experimenting with recyclable materials as this could also be presented as a theme to recycle and reduce pollution in the ocean. I chose to use a pizza base which is found in pre- packaged pizza like a textured foam board. I used a pencil to carve into the board and to begin with I have only created some very simplistic patterns based on octopus suckers and coral shapes.

Although the coral prints aren’t vey clear to see I really like the textures that the paint in the negative spaces have. I feel that the octopus suckers have turned out more successful due to the fact that the shapes are easier identify. Furthermore, I like the considered colour combination of red and gold due to the fact it adds depth to the print.


I also used the remainder of paint to create the prints on the inside of the envelope using the reversed side of the pizza foam board. This created a netting effect which I really like as a contrast between the natural marine life in the sea and the unwanted synthetics such as nets that pollute the oceans and end up washed up on shore lines.




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