Artist Research- Julie Dodd

Julie Dodd is an artist that focusses on a range of different aspects of the natural world and creates unique installations and artworks using different medias such as paper, textiles and paintings.


Julie Dodd’s work is beneficial to me due to the fact that the work she has produced  subject matter that revolves around coral which has inspired me and will inform my practice. The work is referred to as ‘Coral Colony’. One of the aspects of Julie Dodd’s work that I really like is the fact that she explains the concept behind the work and what it primarily focusses on.

‘When coral becomes stresssed through pollution or the rising sea tempertures caused by climate change the algae that gives the coral it’s amazing clours abandons they corals tissue leaving it prone to disease, taking away it’s main food source and most noticably giving it a bleached appearance. 

 Based on the destruction of coral colonies I have simplifed the coral forms to very basic shapes, stripping them of their colour, only retaining their beauty to demonstrate what we are losing. This project is in the developing stages.’



I feel that the choice of working with white colours to reflect the problems with pollution causing bleaching. I feel that this really works well with the installation. Julie clearly works closely with intricate details. This work has inspired me to consider looking into experimenting with combining a three dimensional aspect into my surface pattern practice to see what outcomes I could create. Furthermore, I like the fact that Julie includes a blog post on her website in which she documents the processes of her work and talks about problems she has to overcome and the changes that have taken place through this. For example; she discusses how she often gets distracted ‘This work is taking a long time to produce and I’m struggling to produce as much of each type of coral as I need because I’m wanting to try out new ideas all the time.’ Its interesting to see a professional artist discussing issues and documenting processes as this is often something that is overlooked by a lot of professional artists on their websites.


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