Artist Research- Carolyn Saxby

Carolyn Saxby is a mixed media textiles artist who uses her skills in photography to gather primary resources from which she can base her work upon. From browsing through her blog it is clear to see that she is always developing new ideas and experimenting with a wide range of different medias that are inspired from the research she conducts on other artists.

Her work will influence my practice due to the fact that she primarily focus on the coast line of Cornwall St. Ives and subject matter relevant to the sea. The idea of using recycled materials for the basis of her work is really inspiring and this is definitely something that I have started to consider, due to the fact that I think it could convey an interesting theme bringing the issue of pollution and littering to light and how we cause our ‘rubbish’ for important and creative purposes as opposed to throwing it away and polluting the oceans.

Below is both a passage from the textiles artist website in which she features on and a snippet of a documentation of an interview in which she discusses her work.


It was very interesting to read through the interview and see how she works and what her inspirations have been and how these have influenced her practice. I feel that she produced some really interesting pieces of marine based work in which she has considered the relevant colour themes. Some of the processes she has done such as knitting and manipulating fabrics have inspired me to experiment in these processes and perhaps use the embellisher.


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